MJR Theatres To Bring The IMAX EXPERIENCE® To MJR Southgate Cinema

MJR Theatres, announced today that guests visiting MJR Southgate Cinema will soon enjoy the world’s most immersive film experience when the new IMAX® theatre opens on November 9, 2023, with the release of The Marvels. The theatre will feature IMAX® with Laser technology, a next generation laser projection and multi-channel sound system exclusive to IMAX theatres. IMAX with Laser is immersive by design, developed from the ground-up to deliver crystal clear, lifelike images and precision audio for a moviegoing experience unlike anything else. MJR Southgate Cinema will be home to the first IMAX with Laser technology in Michigan, and the first IMAX location to feature premium reclining chairs in the state.

IMAX with Laser is set apart by its 4K laser projection system featuring a new optical engine and a suite of proprietary IMAX technology that delivers crystal clear images, increased resolution, deeper contrast as well as the most distinct, exotic colors ever available on-screen. The new experience also features next generation IMAX precision sound, delivering greater dynamic range and precision for the ultimate in audio immersion.

With IMAX with Laser, guests at MJR Southgate will soon experience:

  • Crystal Clear IMAX Laser Projection: Increased resolution, sharper and brighter images, deeper contrasts, as well as the widest range of colors available to filmmakers to deliver the most life-like visuals for moviegoers.
  • Next Generation IMAX Precision Sound: Patented sound technology delivers striking clarity and depth alongside perfected tuned sound and evenly distributed audio throughout the theatre.
  • IMAX Immersion by Design: Custom-designed theatres with stadium seating for clear vantage points at every seat, as well as custom screens for the brightest images.

This location will open with showings of The Marvels, which is optimized for the new IMAX system with proprietary IMAX DMR® (Digital Re-mastering) technology to take advantage of the increased sharpness, brightness, contrast, color and other attributes it can deliver. The process enhances the image frame-by-frame and remixes the soundtrack to transport audiences beyond their seat and into the world of the film. The Marvels will also feature expanded aspect ratio, with certain points in the film expanding the image to fill the entire screen and maximize the viewing experience.

About MJR Theatres

MJR Theatres is a State-of-the-Art Multiplex Cinema Operator with ten Michigan locations and over 160 screens. For over 40 years, MJR has been committed to consistently delivering the ultimate movie-going experience, while providing superior customer service to guests throughout Metro-Detroit. As innovative leaders in the industry, MJR offers a wide-range of premium amenities including plush reclining chairs, a full-service Studio Bar & Lounge, The Epic Experience, Laser Ultra, and VIP Seats, a market-exclusive seating concept designed to bring privacy, convenience, and luxurious comfort to the theatrical experience.

About IMAX Corporation

IMAX, an innovator in entertainment technology, combines proprietary software, architecture, and equipment to create experiences that take you beyond the edge of your seat to a world you’ve never imagined. Top filmmakers and studios are utilizing IMAX systems to connect with audiences in extraordinary ways, and, as such, IMAX’s network is among the most important and successful theatrical distribution platforms for major event films around the globe.

IMAX is headquartered in New York, Toronto, and Los Angeles, with additional offices in London, Dublin, Tokyo, and Shanghai. As of September 30, 2023, there were 1,731 IMAX systems (1,651 commercial multiplexes, 12 commercial destinations, 68 institutional) operating in 87 countries and territories. Shares of IMAX China Holding, Inc., a subsidiary of IMAX Corporation, trade on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange under the stock code “1970.”

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About the author

Becky is an entertainment writer in Metro-Detroit. She is currently an active member of the MMCG and within the local community. You can reach her at becky@week99er.com